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Sunway Education Group

With the augmentation in the number of institutions within Sunway College Sdn Bhd, which started out with only Sunway University (formerly Sunway College), it is imperative that a change of name became necessary to reflect its phenomenal growth. In 2009, Sunway College Sdn Bhd was officially reorganised as Sunway Education Group; consisting primarily of Sunway University, Sunway College and Sunway International School. In time, other education institutions and services formed were included; among them Sunway College Johor Bahru, Sunway College Ipoh, Sunway College Kuching, Sunway-TES, Sunway International Business Management, Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, and Shanghai Sunway Financial Training Company.

The Sunway Education Group objectives are to contribute to the community through quality education and scholarships, and raise the economic and business activities of the respective townships and country as a whole. It strives to be a financially self-sustaining entity, practising good corporate governance and differentiating itself by service excellence inculcated in its human resources.

The Sunway Education Group endeavours to achieve its objectives through international strategic alliances and synergising resources within the Sunway Education Group of institutions and Sunway Group. Applying the latest technologies, leveraging dedicated staff to advance innovation, and creating a competitive edge to develop global recognition in education; remain rooted at the heart of Sunway Education Group.

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Sunway College Johor Bahru

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Center for Asia Leadership

Charles River Center

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